Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Hattens Hit the Beach

Well, I told my in-laws from Utah that I would make them a lover of North Carolina beaches and I am happy to say that I was very much successful. When they came out to visit in April, we had to head out to the beach. And of course, we were all to ready to oblige!

We like to go out to Emerald Isle and rent a beach house named Big Bertha that is right on the ocean. It is beautiful! There is nothing more relaxing and fun than spending time on the beach. You can just enjoy the beauty of the beach and the company of your family and friends.

This is the house that we stayed in, known as Big Bertha. It just got a new coat of paint. Like the teal?

The kids had ton of fun in the sand. They were not detered from the water either despite it being pretty stinkin cold.

Sand, sun, water and waves, great family, great company, naps, nummy food, hot tub, shopping, reading, happy kids, and bumming around. Perfect vacation!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Family Pictures at Easter

Following tradition, we took family pictures in our new Easter outfits. All biases aside, we are a pretty good looking bunch when we clean up.

March 2008

Welcome to the Madness!

Well, I have finally carved out our little spot in Cyberspace. With all of our loved ones all across the country, I figured that this would be the best way for everyone to observe the madness all to common to our little family. So, enjoy!