Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Hattens Hit the Beach

Well, I told my in-laws from Utah that I would make them a lover of North Carolina beaches and I am happy to say that I was very much successful. When they came out to visit in April, we had to head out to the beach. And of course, we were all to ready to oblige!

We like to go out to Emerald Isle and rent a beach house named Big Bertha that is right on the ocean. It is beautiful! There is nothing more relaxing and fun than spending time on the beach. You can just enjoy the beauty of the beach and the company of your family and friends.

This is the house that we stayed in, known as Big Bertha. It just got a new coat of paint. Like the teal?

The kids had ton of fun in the sand. They were not detered from the water either despite it being pretty stinkin cold.

Sand, sun, water and waves, great family, great company, naps, nummy food, hot tub, shopping, reading, happy kids, and bumming around. Perfect vacation!


Amy said...

Oh- you make me want to be back there now! We love hanging out in a beach house on the beach. North Carolina will always be a love of mine. We are still trying to find a way to be out there permanently. If not, we'll definitely have to come and visit again soon.

scrapbyjen said...

How can you put such beautiful pictures of such a beautiful place that we have such good memories of and that we have no chance of returning too in the near future?

You're killing us :)
Wish we were there to beat you at Canasta :)
the Wrights

Katrina said...

I MISS YOU SO FREAKIN' MUCH!!!! I'm glad to see that you are in the blogging world, and grateful for a chance to keep up with your wild and crazy life. We must get together at Big Bertha soon. We must!!!

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary to your little bloggy!!! How about an update, huh Mir? Just a little what's up from the Mad Hatters? Please?